body wraps

Detoxify and invigorate your body with anyone of our shower-less body wraps!

These unique showers-less body wraps begin with an exfoliation and therapeutic massage. Find yourself drifting into a state of complete relaxation while being wrapped into a warm cocoon. We’ve added the touch of either a facial massage or foot massage of your choice while you’re cozy under our mylar blanket. Once emerging from your wrap an application of hydrating lotion will end this unique experience. (not recommended for expecting mothers)

Siddha Body Wrap

An ancient healing system using a muslin bag filled with herbs, gently dipped in warm oils.

90 minutes $125

90 minutes for two $270

seaweed wrap

90 minutes $115

90 minutes for two $250

aromatherapy oil wrap

90 minutes $115

90 minutes for two $250

herbology body wrap

90 minutes $115

90 minutes for two $250

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just the two of you

Enjoy any of our body wraps together in your own private room.

an additional $10pp will be added