elements spa services & more

Currently offering Massage, Skin Care and Nail Care.

A place to say NO to noisy hair dryers and strong perm smells and YES to a relaxing, unique, serene setting!

Re-energize your feet and hands while leaning back, closing your eyes, listening to soft music; the flow of calming waters with our pedicures and manicures.

Massages that will release your daily tension while giving you more mobility.

Detoxify and invigorate your skin with a Body Wrap, a truly unique experience.

Facial treatments like you’ve never had before, helping with underlying skin conditions while giving you a fresher-looking complexion. And YES we can offer you 298 different custom Facial Treatments by adding biotanicals, aroma therapist oils and cosmeceuticals blends.

Welcome to elements spa services – located in the beautiful historical district downtown Holly. Our qualified staff member are educated in their field of massage therapy, skin care, cosmetology, nail tech and hold the required state licenses

Enjoy a relaxing & rejuvenating experience in our unique serene setting.

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